In its February 20, 2021 issue, Billboard Magazine revisits how artists and executives alike are continuing to manage the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. This publication contains the Top Business Managers of 2021 list and it has once again recognized our very own, Tony Peyrot. The list honors the top business managers in the music industry and checks in on how they are weathering this storm with steady hands in new and creative ways.

Tony’s diverse clientele, including artists in music, writers, directors, actors and entertainment industry executives, has helped him keep his focus on thinking of new and better ways to keep them thriving both financially and psychologically.  Tony’s dedication to his clients has certainly taken on new meaning over the past year as clients have suffered financial and personal losses.  His close relationships with his clients and the trust that he instills is testament to his commitment to being as calming influence in the eye of the storm.

“This recognition is shared with our amazing team and their commitment to our clients. They make me look good every day. Thank you for all you do.” Says Peyrot. Congratulations, Tony, on this great accomplishment!  You make your team here at Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot incredibly proud.

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