On March 28th, Billboard Magazine published its When the Show Won’t Go On issue. This publication contained the Top Business Managers of 2020 list and it included, none other than our very own, Tony Peyrot! The list honors the top business managers in the music industry and specifically features their recommendations on how to ‘Stay The Course’ during today’s tumultuous times.

Tony serves a wide range of clients, including artists in music, writers, directors, actors and entertainment industry executives. He develops long-standing, trusting relationships with each of them and ultimately is responsible for their business and financial well-being. This responsibility has taken a whole new meaning as he manages clients’ expectations and emotions during today’s COVID-19 pandemic. It is his building of close relationships with his clients and his dedication to their success that drive Tony’s daily commitment and gives him a sense of purpose.

“My greatest achievements are tied to my clients’ financial security and personal well-being, but it’s nice to be recognized for your efforts by your peers. It’s really a credit to my partners and our staff who share a commitment to servicing our clients”, says Tony of having received such honor. 

Tony, in 2019, backstage with multiple Grammy award winning artist Draco Rosa, a long-time Peyrot client.

Congratulations, Tony, on this great accomplishment!

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Billboard also released a special feature, A Pandemic Playbook, with interviews of a select few of their top business managers, including DPP’s Tony Peyrot, to address their recommendations for music industry artists in relation to Weathering the Pandemic. For that article, click here.

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