In order to better service our music industry clients, including artists, songwriters, composers, producers, music publishing companies, and record labels, DPP continues to accommodate the growing needs of the changing music industry by providing the following:

Tour Accounting & Management

As touring becomes a larger piece of the income generated by our musician clients, we work closely with their management team, booking agents, record companies, and related personnel to prepare and monitor budgets, advise on cost saving strategies, including reduced tax withholdings in foreign jurisdictions and negotiation of reduced costs from our network of preferred vendors, and advise on insurance coverages to protect our clients.

Royalty Assessments

We review royalty statements and agreements to better understand the state of each client’s account, and ensure payments are accurate, received in a timely manner, and contractual obligations are met. The information we extract allows us with to bring key insights to our clients to help them make the best decisions to maximize income and extract value from their catalogue. We also advise and facilitate the timing and compilation of the data required for royalty audits.

Royalty Tracking

As the global music industry becomes more complex and data driven, many people ask “Am I getting all my royalties?”.  At DPP, we implement a detailed income tracking system to monitor payments, advances, and recoupments, to confidentially answer, yes!

Record Label Administration

In the growing world of independent record labels, and complex system of royalties and licensing, our highly trained staff are experts at providing specialized services to fit your record label needs. We account to artists, producers, publishers, and other third-parties, creating clear, accurate and concise statements with a focus on transparency and timeliness.