At Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot, we work closely with every client to create a strategic and customized roadmap for financial security. Our professionals ensure that your financial plan provides for your current lifestyle, your future retirement, your family’s well-being and the legacy you leave to future generations. We make sure your financial plans address the issues important to you, like asset protection and having sufficient cash flow to meet future needs.

Financial Planning

Achieving financial goals occurs when sound strategies are implemented and managed. As business managers and tax advisors, we work closely with clients and their wealth managers to create plans to achieve client financial goals. Customized, tax-advantaged planning is the first step in bring those goals to life, be it early retirement, funding college for your kids or grandkids, real estate, investment in businesses or properties, or simply asset accumulation.

Our financial planning services includes:

  • Review and evaluation of your income, investments, assets, insurance, and your own personal financial forecast
  • Creating actionable and manageable financial goals and plans to achieve your goals
  • Monitoring and adjusting plans and strategies to address changes in your life
  • Tax advantaged asset accumulation and protection
  • Risk management
  • Assessment and evaluation of life insurance needs and requirements

Estate Planning

Whether you have already drafted an estate plan or trust with your attorney or not, DPP can help you review, analyze, and maximize your estate plan to ensure the most efficient and effective management of your estate. Some of our estate planning services include:

  • Defining or redefining your personal estate planning goals
  • Lessening taxes at time of death
  • Organizing equitable and fair liquidation of estate assets to cover taxes and other expenses
  • Tax advisory based on changes to your family
  • Tax advantaged charitable giving
  • Advisory due to changes in jobs, working status, or retirement
  • Assist your attorney in making appropriate financial decisions
  • Counseling on effect of changes to beneficiaries in your will or trust agreements