Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot would like to congratulate Dan Alter and Jeff Forsyth, owners of Comix AF, on their most recent success at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con. Comix AF has recently signed an exclusive deal to produce online comic books for Amazon’s ComiXology. The first, Grave Danger, was one of the centerpieces of the ComiXology announcement at SDCC this year.

Grave Danger marks the return of the popular creative team of Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, who last worked on Image Comics’ Revival. The namesake heroine, Grave Danger, is an agent for an underground espionage agency who leads the charge to fight against supernatural threats. Since its announcement last week at Comic Con, the first issue of Grave Danger has already become an online Best Seller.

“We’re incredibly excited about the release of Grave Danger as our debut series. We hope this is just the beginning for this property that we see transcending into other mediums as well,” Alter and Forsyth said in a joint statement. It is expected that this will be the first of many books to come from Comix AF to be featured on the Comixology application.

Partner, Mark Pariser, and Senior Accountant, Jeme Benadon, showed their support for the launch by attending SDCC last week. “There’s nothing like seeing clients thrive in their business! We live for their success.” said Mark.

“DPP has been instrumental in getting our company off the ground! Mark, Jeme, and the entire team have given us the personal attention every startup needs. Knowing we’ve got top notch business management has allowed us to focus on our product, which we think shows in the quality of the comics!” said Forsyth of his experience with DPP.