Congratulations to Paige Goldberg Tolmach on her much deserved 2018 Emmy nomination for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking for her film “What Haunts Us.”

“What Haunts Us” is a documentary that uncovers truths and sheds light on demons that have haunted her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina for decades. In this film, Tolmach digs deep into the reasons why several of her former Porter-Gaud School male classmates have committed suicide over the years.  During her heart-wrenching journey for the truth, she finds several brave men who are willing to speak out and expose old secrets buried in her community. Secrets dealing with sexual abuse by beloved teacher and coach, Eddie Fischer. These secrets not only ruined countless young lives, but ultimately ended the lives of many men.

“What Haunts Us” is an extremely powerful film! It was motivated by Tolmach’s love for her own son and the motherly urge to protect him. With this work, she hopes to raise awareness on student molestation occurring in schools as well as provide encouragement to victims of sexual abuse to speak up.

To watch the trailer, click here.

DPP is proud to express its support of Paige and celebrates her achievement!